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Dr. Richard Jewel Rose

A man of distinction, Dr. Rose has also served his country well in the United States Marine Corps. Highly disciplined and a natural leader of men, Dr. Rose advanced to the level of Sergeant in the Marine Corps. After serving his country, he was honorably discharged with this rank.As a man of God, Dr. Rose’s journey began as a youth at Mary Olive Baptist Church. Answering the call into the ministry, he was licensed in October, 1970, by Pastor Gene A. Moore of St. Agnes Baptist Church, where he served faithfully. Some of Dr. Rose’s activities as a young minister at St. Agnes included organizing the first weekly Bible Study class, teaching the Brotherhood, Women’s Mission, Sunday School, and other church ministries. His talents even led him to sing in the church choir and male chorus.Dr. Rose’s pastoral role began in Sunnyside in a two-car garage in March of 1972, when Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church was born. With eight faithful members, the church met weekly until its growth necessitated a move to a storefront building on Stassen Street in Houston, TX. This meeting place was short lived due to a fire to the building. Undaunted, the membership of Holy Trinity moved into the home of Dr. & Sis. Rose. Again, growing pains caused for another move to a small store front building on South Post Oak Road. There was to be one more move before Holy Trinity MBC would find its final place to call home. There was a building at 14513 S. Post Oak Road which was formerly a liquor store. There, the pastor and membership made the necessary improvements to make this building into a house of prayer, Holy Trinity Missionary Baptist Church. It was there that the body of believers in Christ Jesus grew in number and in their commitment to make full proof of their ministry.There are many accolades which have been afforded to Dr. Richard Jewel Rose. The following is a sample of the many titles, positions, and honors which have been bestowed upon this great man of God: former Dean of The Gregorio School of Biblical Studies; lecturer of the Independent General Association of Texas; Adjunct faculty, Texas Southern University; Presider of the WHW Expository Preaching & Teaching Conference and Preaching Is MY Business; current member of the Fort Bend County Ministers Coalition; and the President of Oikodome School of Biblical Studies and Oikodome School of Biblical Studies Expository Preaching & Teaching Bible Conference. When one examines the motto of Dr. Rose, “We strengthen churches by strengthening those who preach and teach the Word of God,” it is small wonder that he has had and is currently impacting men and women of God in ministry.

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